Orange Bunker Studio offers a free hour of an online class

Orange Bunker Studio offers a free hour of an online class

We would like to keep you informed that due to actual situation following the mesures token by Spain Government on an effort to to avoid propagation of the COVID -19, All activities have been cancelled and Our school will be closed until new announcement. As many of you have noticed we have transferred all classes and musical learning to an Online environment so that our students can continue their studies normally, offering a virtual experience.

Orange Bunker Studio School launches an operation consisting of a free class to all new students that would like to discover musical learning through their online classes whether it be instrument, singing, music production, or Dj techniques. As well as offering a 10% discount at all it´s services that consist on music creation, electronic bases, guitar and bass recording, mixing and mastering.

By the other hand Orange Bunker Studio has been able to integrate technological tools for online education over the last few years, that allows to propose a varied online course offer, using these tools to record, film, create and share audiovisual files.

Each of the teaching tours are specially designed according to the objectives, abilities, tastes, preferences and needs of each student.

The flexibility of schedule and adaptability of Orange Bunker Studio is another strong point of the school, since the structure is fully adapted to the agenda of the students.

To meet the School´s first value position which consist on the satisfaction of students offers a free hour of an online class to anyone who wants to try and enjoy the advantages, check the agile dynamics of every class as well as the ease and effectiveness of the methods used.

In fact, many students have wanted to certify the great advantages of the school through a campaign of small videos, revitalized in the school’s Instagram profile (@orangebunkerstudio). In this sense, Víctor (production classes) wanted to highlight the fact that “Eduardo has a great capacity to understand what each person wants in the world of production and that can be very variable. In my case, he knew how to identify the deficiencies I had and he seized the tools to fill them”. Gabriel (singing lessons) for his part stresses that thanks to the Orange Bunker Studio methodology he had access to «A much bigger musical notion, which has allowed me to continue composing my own songs». Finally, Javier (electric bass) remarks «the dynamics of the school classes have adapted perfectly to my rhythm, my style and the music that I like the most».

For more information, call 629 561 317 or send an email to:

Hoping that everyone is fine betting on continuing to make music, creating from home to take care of ourselves and the others, we hope and are sure that very soon we will be able to enjoy being together and share our passion for art and good music.

Best wishes,

Eduardo Green

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